Foundation Information


The Burlingame Foundation commemorates the life and work of 19th Century statesmen Anson Burlingame as a means of fostering a collaborative network of educational institutions between the United States, China and other nations throughout the world to inspire mutual trust, respect and collaboration in addressing the challenges of the 21st Century.

The educational concept is to be realized through eventual establishment of a Burlingame Global University with an Online presence focused on issues of global importance, and nurturing the next generation of young leaders by conducting public discussion groups, forums, panels, lectures and workshops.

The Foundation will help establish a distributed global university to accept students from all over the world both online, and through regional centers in partner institutions to study issues important to the peaceful development of humankind. The curriculum would include studies in areas such as global climate change, world health, alleviation of human misery and poverty, religious conflict vs. harmony, and improving global resilience through trans-disciplinary integrated learning.




  • International Conference – Conducting public discussion forums, panels and lectures on the educational purposes of the Foundation and to raise funds for future activities.


  • Raise funding for commissioning and unveiling a life-size bronze statues of Anson Burlingame in the City of Burlingame at the city center square dedicated to his name in 2018, the 150th anniversary of the Burlingame Treaty of 1868. Is part of effort to broaden scope of interest in Burlingame Foundation educational activities through commemoration of the historical legacy.


  • Pursue support for Initiation in the production of a major motion picture or documentary depicting the life and achievements of Anson Burlingame. Promotes public understanding of historical issues associated with educational purposes of the Foundation.


  • Establishment of distributed and networked Burlingame Global University fostering global resilience through online integrated learning thereby working to enhance people’s friendship, further international cooperation, safeguard world peace and promote common development. Promotes infrastructure for tax exempt contributions for educational programs.



  • The Burlingame Foundation will carry out fundraising through a variety of approaches, including individual memberships, corporate sponsorship, patronage by high-net worth individuals, and private foundation and government grants.
  • We will accept donations in the form of financial support; donor may participate in the allocation of funds per the categories of activities previously described (e.g., conferences, commemorative activities, documentaries, and educational programs).



 The Burlingame Foundation, Inc. shares similar goals and informally collaborates with the Global Challenges Forum, a Swiss Foundation established under the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland. The Global Challenges Forum exercises no direct authority; rather it endorses and lends its credibility to the Burlingame Foundation.   (See: